Curriculum Vitae



Honors and Scholarships

  • 2017, Best paper award, 19th International Conference on Advances in Distributed and Parallel Computing.

  • 1994–1997, Recipient of Aristotle University's Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies.

  • 1989, Honorary Award from the Technical Chamber of Greece for academic achievements during the academic year 1988-1989.

  • 1988-1992, Greek State Scholarship (IKY).

  • 1985, Recipient of the Panhellenic Mathematical Society Award.

Working Experience

  • 11/1993–Present, Coordinator (since 2005) and researcher in 21 research and 4 educational programs, funded by the European Union, the Greek Secretariat for Research & Technology.

  • 9/2000–1/2003, Software engineer and IT consultant.

 Teaching Experience

 Postgraduate Courses

  • 10/2019-Present, Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering, University of West Attica, MSc in Science and Technology of Informatics and Computers: Computational Intelligence Systems, Data Mining of Large Scale Data.

  • 10/2016-2/2019, Department of Computer Systems Engineering, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, MSc in Applied Information Systems: Computational Intelligence - Intelligent Systems.

  • 10/2015-4/2016, Department of Informatics Engineering, TEICM, MSc in Applied Informatics: Software Development, Intelligent Systems.

  • 10/2012-6/2015, Department of Informatics Engineering, TEICM, MSc in Communication & Information Systems: Advanced Database Systems - Data Mining, Computational Intelligence - Machine Learning.

Undergraduate Courses

  • 10/2019-Present, Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering, University of West Attica: Data Mining, Digital Signal Processing, Algorithms and Complexity.

  • 10/2016-8/2018, Department of Computer Systems Engineering, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences: Data Mining, Mechatronic Systems, Robotics, Sensors - Measurements and Industrial Control.

  • 10/2015-7/2016, Faculty of Sciences, Hellenic Open University, BSC in Informatics: Artificial Intelligence.

  • 9/2000-4/2016, Department of Informatics Engineering, TEICM: Fuzzy Systems, Numerical Methods, Algorithms & Data Structures, Introduction to Programming, Structured Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Software Engineering,  Digital Circuits, Digital Signal Processing.

  • 9/1996-2/1999 &9/2000-9/2002, Department of Electronics, TEITh: Electronics I & II, Electronic Measurements, Power Electronics, Electric Circuits I, Digital Circuits I.

  • 1994-96, Teaching Assistant, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, AUTH: Electric Circuits III.

Journal/Conference Papers

A complete list of publications as well as selected abstracts.

Books - Lecture Notes  


P.A. Mastorocostas, Procedural Programming, 2015, ISBN: 978-960-603-057-4.


P.A. Mastorocostas, Electric Circuits I, TEITh, 1997.


P.A. Mastorocostas, Electronic Measurements, TEITh, 2001.


P.A. Mastorocostas, A Laboratory Guide to Digital Circuits, TEISer, 2001.


P.A. Mastorocostas, Numerical Methods with MATLAB, TEISer, 2001.


P.A. Mastorocostas, Software Engineering, TEISer, 2003.


P.A. Mastorocostas, Introduction to Programming, TEISer, 2003 (updated in 2005).


P.A. Mastorocostas, Structured Programming, TEISer, 2003 (updated in 2005).


P.A. Mastorocostas, Fuzzy Systems, TEISer, 2006.


P.A. Mastorocostas, Procedural Programming, TEISer, 2006.


P.A. Mastorocostas, Fuzzy Systems (Lab Notes), TEISer, 2009.


P.A. Mastorocostas, Algorithms & Data Structures (Test Cases), TEISer, 2009.

Professional and Cultural Organizations


  • Greek (native) 

  • Fluent in English

  • Fluent in French

Research Interests

  • Computational Intelligence - Data mining

  • Neurofuzzy Classifiers and Evolutionary Computation for remote sensing

  • Nonlinear Signal Processing and Nonlinear Systems, focused on medical signals, power and telecommunication systems

  • Computational Methods for Chartography

  • Parallel Programming